Pre-Natal yoga

Marnie Krajicek Blog Post
March 20, 2014
Marnie Krajicek Blog Post

Pre-Natal Yoga

FALL 2015


DATES TBA – If you would like to set up a private class, contact me and we can try to make that happen!


Prenatal Yoga provides a relaxed and nurturing atmosphere where you can enhance the bonding process with your baby while supporting the development and strengthening of your body, mind, and spirit during pregnancy. The yoga exercises and postures, deep breathing techniques, and mantras greatly impact the quality of your pregnancy and birth experience as well as the many changes your body and emotions go through after the baby arrives. This class ends with an extra long relaxation period.

This class is also a wonderful opportunity to meet other pregnant women who can relate with you as you experience the miracle of the life growing within you and the transition of becoming a mother.

The benefits of a regular prenatal yoga practice will provide you with the healthiest and most peaceful pregnancy possible. Prenatal yoga practice can also help ease morning sickness, alleviate edema, and prevent varicose veins.

The yoga exercises are designed to:

  • Help strengthen the pelvic muscles – instrumental in the birthing process, and post-birth to bring your body back to a pre-pregnancy state
  • Exercise and strengthen the uterus so that it functions more efficiently and increases the potential for a normal delivery
  • Exercise the spine and help reduce backaches
  • Aid in proper digestion and circulation, and regulate breathing

Please contact me if you’d like to be added to the next available class.








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